Facilities Managers

How Intech Controls solves the biggest problems for Facilities Managers

Facilities managers have the complex job of maintaining facilities. Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) is an area where we can make life easier for facilities managers.

1. Controlling costs

Selecting experienced BMS engineers to optimise your Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) enables you to do more with less. Intech Controls are partners with Trend and Distech and apart from being highly skilled, we also negotiate the best prices for our clients. We use automated buildings technologies to reduce energy waste and IoT (Internet of Things) means that energy efficiency systems including sensors help your organisation save money.

2. Managing energy efficiency

Managing energy efficiently is important to lower overheads and increase competitiveness.We first put systems in place so energy can be measured and we then optimise conditions. We stop energy drifting by using historical and live data, identifying energy wastage and improving efficiency.

3. Handling failures

Assets maintenance is complex and requires a quick call-to-action. Remote systems enable facilities managers to be alerted via text about possible plant breakdown so you are in control even when on the move. 90% of issues can be resolved remotely, saving money call outs. Alarms include temperature change and plant wear which means you can proactively replace kit before it causes downtime to your business.

4. Maintaining aging equipment and facilities

HVAC machinery and devices need to be replaced eventually, however, BEMS can significantly increase their life by turning off machinery when it doesn’t need to be used which also reduces energy costs.

5. Managing time

Remote technology saves time because our BEMS engineers can fix 90% of faults remotely which means that you don’t have to wait for an engineer to come out. Remote puts you in control.

6. Occupancy comfort

Improved occupancy comfort reduces failure demand and creates a more productive environment.

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