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How Intech Controls solves the five biggest problems for Energy Managers

Energy managers have a complex job. Research indicates that many energy managers do not feel that their energy management strategy is effective and 19% say they don’t have an energy management strategy. Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) is an area where we can overcome at least five of the main challenges for energy managers.

Challenge1: Collecting and tracking all the required data

Research indicates that a third of energy professionals are still using Excel rather than Energy Management Software (EMS). This makes it slower and difficult to track and analyse energy consumption data and make informed decisions about what to prioritise. Many energy professionals find EMS too complex to use or train their team members on, so they never get to see its full potential. Intech Controls Energy Graphics Dashboards combine IoT and AI and are easy to use. They enable you to predict future energy consumption costs and help you forecast your future building’s energy savings.

Challenge 2: Understanding where to focus efforts

Most energy professionals are responsible for multi-site buildings of two or more so understanding what energy efficiency improvements to focus on is key. Intech Controls Energy Graphics Dashboard enable you to easily prioritise energy management projects. Our energy management suite is based on Niagara4 and provides visually stunning graphs, meters and dials to create a fantastic user experience. The platform is a web-based system and is accessible via PC browsers, tablets or smartphone devices, allowing you to monitor and manage energy consumption, with an exciting and advanced feature set, including:

  • Energy Benchmarking graphs – weekly, monthly or yearly views to compare (for example) this week against last week or this week last year.
  • Aggregation of metering data to compare energy profiles or peak demands for different zones, buildings or sites.
  • Intelligent metering functions handling meter roll-over, and smoothing out of periods with missed readings.
  • Visualisation and ranking of consumption between meters, zones, systems, buildings, sites etc.
  • Smart visualisation and analysis of control loop / optimised start/stop performance, with notification of inefficiently performing control sequences
  • Kiosk mode showing a rotating sequence of energy dashboard pages, ideal for use in a reception or customer area.

Challenge 3: Calculating the ROI of projects

It is your job to present feasibility to customers and finance managers to secure the budgets for energy management projects. Calculating ROI is easy with Intech Controls’ Energy Dashboard System. Often the information gathered by a BMS system is collected and stored but never used to its full potential. Intech Controls’ transforms a list of figures and values into meaningful and easy-to-read insights for energy professionals to forecast potential savings, track changes and detect where systems may be being badly managed. Often energy reduction can be achieved through designing a more optimised strategy for your current plant which is a huge saving in the first instance.

Challenge 4: Articulating the importance of energy audits

Energy audits aim to measure and evaluate your building’s existing energy consumption. Here we identify the potential energy savings including boiler and air conditioner operating state, energy consumption from all appliances, current energy saving systems. Common problems include excessive set points, poor plant sequencing and plant running out of hours. So if your energy bills are expensive, an energy audit can deliver good news, in that you may require a simple fix rather than replacing expensive plant.

Intech offers an Energy Health Check for smart businesses who would like to get a firmer grasp on how to reduce their energy waste and spend. If you would like to understand more about energy efficiency and the latest government schemes including financing, call Intech Controls on 01403 288195 today.

Challenge 5: Lack of compatibility and integration between energy and controls tools

We work with Niagara 4 which solves most compatibility challenges and connects most systems together into one neat graphic, making it far easier to measure your energy consumption and also spot plant issues. This can be done remotely saving travel time, staff time, the cost of call-outs and potential downtime. Therefore, the convenience and financials benefits far outweigh the cost of investment.

For further information about how BEMS can help Energy Managers, call 01403 288195 or use our contact form below.


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