Mission, vision & values

Our vision

Intech Controls is the preferred BMS controls contractor. We have inspired and transformed the way that businesses, FMs and energy managers think about their buildings in terms of energy efficiency.


Our mission

  • We provide quality engineering solutions, solving complex problems which maintains our position as experts
  • We keep abreast of emerging technology and tools and invest in technology training for the entire Intech team and our clients
  • We clearly communicate, educate and explain all the possibilities to clients, enabling them to understand how easy it is to achieve significant results in improving energy efficiency
  • We make it easy and engaging for FMs, estate and energy managers to do their job.


Our values

Quality first: By focussing on a ‘quality first’ approach, we have grown significantly and sustainably, without the need to borrow or seek external investment.  

Balance: We strike a balance between energy efficiency and comfortable operative working environment, enabling Facilities and Energy Managers with day to day operations

Focus: We focus on providing useful value which makes sense to our clients on an individual basis – for energy managers, facilities managers and estate managers.

Close relationships: We have been able to establish and develop close working relationships by firstly providing a superior level of service, and secondly by working closely with clients to understand their building energy management (BEMS) needs. This enables us to support them in achieving their goals

Responsible: We make it easy for our clients to understand how easy it is to achieve rewarding and responsible results

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