24-7 BEMS Critical Alarm Monitoring

24-7 BEMS Critical Alarm Monitoring 

Intech Controls 24-7BEMS Alarm Monitoring puts you in control 24/7 because it allows you to take immediate action before any damage is done. Critical alarms alert you when there is any deviation from temperature and humidity settings or mechanical failure. This ensures that building occupants remain comfortable and inventory including refrigerated goods and humidity-sensitive objects are safe from perishing.

Instead of waiting for an annual service to detect wear and tear, remote BMS alarms detect unnecessary overuse, prolonging the life of your HVAC plant and also reducing energy consumption. If alarms are raised, Intech Controls offers the facility to route alarms from your Building Management Systems (BMS) through our hosted exchange email server to nominated email addresses within your business.

Temperature and humidity can be negatively affected with office refits and building occupancy as well as seasonal weather changes. Intech Controls 24-7 BEMS Critical Alarm Monitoring helps you to avoid losses and downtime, reducing business risk and negative financial impact and helps you align with your energy management accreditations.

We offer your business BEMS Alarm Monitoring training so you are empowered to make adjustments to critical alarms. Alternatively, you can book our qualified BEMS engineers to assist you with a maximum waiting time of just four hours.

Take control now. Call Intech Controls Building Management Systems (BMS) today on 01403 288195.

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Free energy healthchecks (subject to T&Cs)

Intech offers a FREE Energy Health Check for smart businesses who would like to get a firmer grasp on how to reduce their energy waste and spend. If you would like to understand more about energy efficiency and the latest government schemes including financing, call Intech Controls on 01403 288195 today.

Energy improvement initiatives

System Efficiency is the key to reducing a buildings carbon footprint, and gaining those all important cost savings. Energy Efficiency is at the heart of what we do, and comes built in to any of our packages. Energy usage can be monitored using electricity meters, heat meters, water/gas meters etc. Intech are able to supply and install all of these solutions, and provide a suite of software to analyse the readings obtained effectively to provide useful information.

Remote energy management - 24/7 help desk facility - energy insights.

Our remote energy management bureau puts you in control 24/7. Avoid downtime, reduce business risk now. Intech Controls’ offers energy professionals the choice of training to make adjustments, or to book our qualified engineers to assist with a maximum waiting time of just four hours. Take control now. Call us on 01403 288195.

Energy optimisation

Using specially designed algorithms and software, we are able to transform a set of meter readings into meaningful data sets, graphics and dashboards. We can use this information to provide detailed analytics and historical comparisons, target areas of high consumption, and also generate efficiency related BMS alarms, which identify periods of energy usage that are high or abnormal.

Once the data has been collected, we are able to offer advanced services such as:

  • Energy Monitoring & Targetting
  • Stunning visual representation in graphical formats
  • Energy Analysis & Alarms
  • Database integration
  • Web Services (SOAP / XML) Integration
  • SMTP integration
  • CSV Generation and scheduled emailing
  • Interactive dashboard visualisations
Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

Intech Controls offers a complete bespoke design service, tailored to suit the needs of energy and sustainability professionals in all sectors. 

We understand that each organisation is unique and each energy professional faces different objective and challenges. Therefore, before creating BMS system designs, we invest time ensuring that individual needs are fully understood.

We design to deliver efficiency across all aspects of a buildings’ operational demands, taking into account:

  • operational effectiveness of the mechanical and electrical services
  • enhanced occupier well-being, productivity levels and other occupier requirements
Energy dashboards

Often the information gathered by a BMS system is collected and stored but never used to its full potential. Intech transforms a list of figures and values into meaningful and easy-to-read insights for energy professionals to track changes and detect where systems may be being badly managed. 

All dashboard solutions are bespoke, enabling live and on-demand information including instantaneous energy usage, consumption over a period of time, historic comparisons and a huge range of analytic tools in order to observe and report on the building efficiency. Our custom dashboard solutions can be installed into almost any BMS system and used to monitor energy usage, power consumption, or almost any data set. 

Our energy management suite based on Niagara4, provides visually stunning graphs, meters and dials to create a fantastic user experience. The platform is a web-based system and is accessible from anywhere, using PC browsers, tablets or smartphone devices, allowing the user to monitor and manage energy consumption, with an exciting and advanced feature set, including:

  • Energy Benchmarking graphs – weekly, monthly or yearly views to compare (for example) this week against last week or this week last year.
  • Aggregation of metering data to compare energy profiles or peak demands for different zones, buildings or sites.
  • Intelligent metering functions handling meter roll-over, and smoothing out of periods with missed readings.
  • Visualisation and ranking of consumption between meters, zones, systems, buildings, sites etc.
  • Smart visualisation and analysis of control loop / optimised start/stop performance, with notification of inefficiently performing control sequences
  • Kiosk mode showing a rotating sequence of energy dashboard pages, ideal for use in a reception or customer area.


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BMS control system design

Intech offer a complete design and installation service, tailored to suit your needs. We have over 15 years of industry experience enabling us to provide professional and concise design documentation, and the right skills to deliver a fully operating and efficient system.

All of our control systems are designed using the latest principles and ideas, and we aim to deliver the most effective control solution based on the system requirements. We understand that each building and application is unique, and therefore we design all of our control strategies from scratch and never use a library of standard blocks.

Controls Installation

Intech offer a complete installation and project management service – including control panel design and manufacture; electrical installation and testing and commissioning. We are able to offer competitive prices, and are flexible in our approach in order to satisfy our clients individual needs.

24/7 help desk facility - remote for breakdowns

Our 24/7 help desk facility offers our clients a 4 hour remote response should they experience problems with heating, humidity or any other issue. Our expert BMS engineers will connect to your site using a secure network which means we can of 70% of problems minimising the cost of a call-out and reducing potential down-time for your business.

24-7 BEMS Alarm Monitoring

Intech remote bureau puts you in control 24/7. Critical alarms are essential for controlling temperature and humidity critical conditions and inventory. Intech Controls helps you to avoid losses and ensures that your building occupants are comfortable. Avoid downtime and reduce business risk now. 

Intech Controls’ offers your business the choice of training so you are empowered to make adjustments to critical alarms. Alternatively you can book our qualified engineers to assist you with a maximum waiting time of just four hours. 

Take control now. Call us on 01403 288195.

Control panel design

Our experienced and talented engineering team create bespoke BMS control panel designed for your business needs. We use the latest in computer-automated controls and conventional equipment. Our speciality is Trend, Niagara and Distech, but with a broad market view and a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, we are able to recommend the best solution for your needs. Intech’s BEMS engineers take care to fully understand your exact requirements. Panels are manufactured by experienced Intech engineers and thoroughly tested to conform to the latest electrical regulations. 

System validation

Intech can also offer a system validation service in order to ascertain the current standard of an installed system, and provide recommendations for any repairs, improvements or modifications. We are able to fully reverse engineer a system, and produce retrospective O & M manuals if none exist. This typically provides a solid foundation to work from, and encourages proper and efficient use of the system.


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Integration to third party and legacy systems

Intech excels in maximising the capability of a BMS by integrating it with other types of equipment in a connected world. A modern building may have several independent systems such as chillers, electricity meters, UPS’, generators, Lifts or Lighting – none of which is natively associated with the BMS. Intech has the ability and expertise to carry out full integration with these systems to show detailed data and enable control and monitoring of these systems from within the inherent BMS system.


Trend 962 Trend 963

Due to our years of experience, our engineers are fully competent with the latest Trend Software, but also with obsolete or superceded software. This includes 945, 962, 963 and much more.  We are still able to offer thorough and competent support for these ageing platforms, and are as enthusiastic about them as we are with the day they were released!

Trend IQL Controllers ( LON works)

Trend LON networks are a thing of the past, but our knowledge remains.  Our engineers have the tools and skills to work on the Trend IQL range of controllers in order to offer support, modification and servicing in all aspects.  We are able to provide ongoing maintenance if required, or provided detailed system analysis to suggest the correct route to a system upgrade – if that’s your thing!

Trend IQ1, 1Q2, 1Q3

The Trend family of controllers has grown and developed over the years, and we have grown and developed alongside it.  Our engineers have the tools and skills to work on the more “vintage” ranges of Trend controllers in order to offer support, modification and servicing in all aspects.  We are able to provide ongoing maintenance if required, or provided detailed system analysis to suggest the correct route to a system upgrade – if that’s your thing!

Smart Buildings

It is possible to integrate your BMS with almost any building service from CCTV to lighting and HVAC. Intech integrates your systems to transfer data seamlessly between various types of equipment.

Intech Controls has the ability to carry out this work in house, and will aim to understand our clients requirements in order to provide the most cost effective solution.  


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