Kettering Medical Centre

Posted: 31.08.21

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Turnkey Trend BMS





Intech succeeded in securing the Project for construction of a new privately owned medical centre in Kettering. This facility was to be completed to a tight 5 month M&E Installation/Construction programme and comprised the full design, engineering, installation and commissioning of a turnkey Trend BMS.

Programme: August 2021 – March 2022

Project Details

The Medical Centre is a fully equipped facility with 2 Operating Theatres, MRI suite, Consulting Rooms, Treatment Rooms and Physio with the complex associated M&E Plant serving these areas.

Intech provided 7 No Control Panels serving Ventilation AHUs, Boiler Plant, Chiller Plant and all associated peripheral plant such as monitoring of medical gasses, interfaces with Surgeons Panels, supply of local control panels and interfaces to fire alarms. The entire scheme was designed to incorporate the latest hospital HTM3 standards. Intech also completed the full Controls Electrical Installation of the BMS System, both Power and Controls from the MCCs including containment within the Plantroom areas.

A fully engineered Trend IQVision graphical based user interface was engineered and installed for the system with off site monitoring capability.

Key Deliverables

Due to the fast track nature of the Project, Intech decided to plan the delivery of the job in such a way that minimised risk to programme whilst allowing sufficient time to install the system on site. To this end initial focus was on getting the design absolutely right and approved before manufacture of Panels and procurement of equipment. The O&M and Panel drawings were made priority.

Once approvals were granted and panel production in progress, the Electrical Containment was installed in readiness for the Panels to be delivered. Further design and software development activities were carried out off site and tested prior to commissioning.


The tight Programme meant that there were issues with Mechanical Plant deliveries (Due to long lead times) leading to issues with BMS installation and final connections. There were also design Co-Ordination issues with the interfaces between the Surgeon’s Panels and the BMS due to the complex nature of the two systems and the integrated operation of Surgeons system and BMS.

In all cases where there were design questions or issues with the Programme, Intech resolved these with constructive on-site meetings with all trades, the Consultant and the Client. As a result, all teams worked well together in a pro-active manner to get the job done. At all times Intech had a dedicated Projects and Engineering team focussing on the Project to ensure that all issues were resolved quickly and without impact on the Project timescales.

The final stage of the Project is Commissioning and the timescales to complete this were truncated as a result of the programme constraints. In order to mitigate this, Intech completed all of the Controls Software and Front End Engineering off site in readiness for final commissioning. 

Our Commissioning team worked with our installation team to point to point check all of the wiring prior to final commissioning.

Due to the pre-testing and offsite software development, Intech were able to complete the Commissioning process in time for Handover and to the satisfaction of the Consultant and Client.


Intech worked hard as a team with all of the Trades on site to be able to complete this Project on time and to Budget. Without this team effort between Trades there would have almost certainly have been problems with delivery of the Project and as a result Intech will be involved with future Projects of this nature on behalf of the Client, as will other relevant M&E Trades.

The Project was delivered on time and the Hospital opened its doors for staff training as required in March 2022. Fine tuning of the BMS was carried out at this time and the Hospital became fully functional to Patients as expected with no teething problems.

During the installation process, all Variations to the Contract were noted and detailed to the Client and costed accordingly although these were kept to a minimum due to the vigorous initial Engineering processes.

Customer satisfaction is a main KPI for Intech and we are proud to say that this Project was delivered to the highest standards and exceeded the expectations of the Client, especially due to some of the initial design and delivery hurdles that were faced.

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