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How Intech can help Finance Directors face todays challenges(this would also make a relevant blog)

You may be surprised to hear, that there is a strong and positive connection between Building Management Systems (BMS) and Finance Directors/CFOs. With Brexit looming, Finance Directors may be facing more challenges than normal. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to share how Intech Controls can assist Finance Directors in achieving their objectives.

1. Exploring new avenues for business growth

Inward investment to the UK is currently at greater risk than normal. However, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are attractive to investors. BEMS can take advantage of AI and Machine Learning (ML) and machines can process thousands of data points from hundreds of different sources which have the potential to make decisions based on complex data, not always possible for humans. Machine Learning improves forecasting, anomaly detection, handling system complexity and reduces human error avoid business risk and downtime. 

2. Transparency in operations

Reduced funding and inward investment options mean that in order to secure business growth, Finance Directors need to focus on credit opportunities, business risk and spending control. Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) save businesses £000s because BEMS helps to reduce wasted energy.  BEMS also helps to prolong the life of your HVAC plant across stand alone and multi-site (eg college campuses and hospitals) buildings by reducing unnecessary usage. It also makes your staff more productive by improving occupancy comfort. Finally, dashboards provide clear communication and transparency of usage and potential savings present key facts in bespoke formats required for different departments in your organisation. For example, energy managers will be interested in different data to you.

3. Hiring the right personnel

Hiring the right resource within your finance team will be more critical than ever.Finance leaders demand a higher pay if they are experienced and good at their work. Creating the correct temperature in the office is essential for wellbeing and smart thinking which both contribute to happy employees and employer branding, helping your business to recruit smart people for less. The perfect temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. BMS helps your business maintain the optimum temperature even with employees opening windows and experimenting with temperature settings for personal comfort.

If you are a CFO or Finance Director, call Intech Controls today for a free and confidential chat about how we can enable you to reach your objectives. We are currently offering a free energy audits.


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