Leisure sector

The Leisure Sector


We work with leisure centre owners and operators to maintain their BMS systems, ensuring that the facilities within the centre (such as swimming pools and gyms) are controlled correctly and to the required standards to maintain comfort levels for users. 

In a typical leisure centre, energy costs account for 30% of total operational costs, which is higher than in most other sectors. A well designed and maintained BEMS offers efficient control and monitoring of building services, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Essential energy data and graphical representations of plant are displayed on a computer screen in real time and allow setpoints and other settings to be changed quickly and easily. BEMS can reduce total leisure centre energy costs by 10% or more so they are well worth considering for centres of all sizes. 

Quote … Just by making a 10% improvement in the management of energy use, UK leisure facilities could save up to £70M each year and reduce carbon emissions by hundreds of thousands of tonnes. (Source: The Carbon Trust) 

Leisure Centre challenges, considerations and priorities for BMS

  • Leisure Centre Building: Most leisure centres include a fitness suite, swimming pools, fitness, studios, sauna and steam room, sports courts and halls, restaurants, bars, toilets.
  • Each room has it’s own temperature and humidity requirements which are unique and sometimes excessive in comparison to typical environments.
  • It is important to set the temperatures in public spaces according to the type of activity taking place. For example, overheating of pool water or lack of heating of the ambient air in a pool hall can cause condensation which may increase the risk of damage to the building fabric.
  • Leisure Centre Occupants: Customers want to be sweating in the sauna and keeping cool in the gym. Employees need to feel comfortable for productivity and wellbeing.
  • Leisure Centre Business:
  • All work to BMS controls must be completed as quickly as possible to keep downtime and disruption to an absolute minimum.
  • Council funding is in decline and operating cost effectively is key.
  • High pool hall air temperatures required — typically 28-30ºC to maintain the comfort of pool users and reduce the risk of condensation from humid air.
  • Leisure Centre Operation: Ensure systems are user friendly and can be monitored and operated correctly by leisure centre staff who have limited technical knowledge.

Common problems with heating and ventilation the leisure centres

  • Sports and leisure centres with swimming pools are often major users of energy. Up to 65% of the energy consumed in these centres will be used for pool heating and ventilation. Looking at the way energy is managed can provide substantial savings. . (Source: The Carbon Trust)
  • Many BEMS systems function inefficiently because short-term adjustments are made for comfort and are then forgotten about. Intech Controls’ recommends demand-led strategies with automatically compensating setpoints and optimum start /stop times which reduce the amount of manual intervention required. We can also offer occupancy based solutions which work using sensors to measure occupancy levels, or integration with a facility/room booking system which allows bookings and activities to take place at any time without having to change timing settings.
  • Schools with swimming pools and leisure centres have the added challenge of maintaining the swimming pool conditions correctly to ensure swimmer comfort, as well as protection of the building fabric. Swimming pool water is usually heated to 28-30ºC, and to reduce condensation, the air temperature should be 1-2ºC above the water temperature. Maintaining these conditions is energy intensive, and therefore operating efficiently and effectively is key to reducing energy usage.


Intech Controls’ typically works on the following BMS projects in leisure centres:

  • BMS Lifecycle upgrades to replace obsolete / faulty controllers whilst taking the opportunity to redesign control strategies across the facility using the most efficient control philosophies.
  • Installation of Trend IQVision head end software to give operators visibility of the BMS, and the connected HVAC plant in the building.
  • Energy Surveys to investigate high intensity areas of energy usage, as well as a holistic approach to the operation of the building to identify opportunities for energy savings


BMS benefits for the leisure centres.

  • Air Quality improvements
  • Significant reductions in energy costs
  • Energy dashboards quickly tell you where you are wasting energy
  • Improvement in building comfort and overall energy consumption

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We have 100 years of combined Trend experience and most of our engineers began their BEMS careers as engineering apprentices for Trend Controls. We are experienced in upgrading and integrating Trend BMS with other technologies within our client’s building, such as AC, AV and lighting management systems.  We have carried out a number of BMS upgrades and retrofits, replacing legacy controls systems with redesigned and up to date Trend control systems, resulting in efficiency savings for many of the UK’s leading energy businesses.


Intech Controls have been a Distech Authorised Systems Integrator since 2016.  We added this powerful product to our portfolio due to its unique features, and the forward-thinking approach of Distech Controls.

We can provide the usual design, installation and maintenance services for Distech Control Systems, and often recommend this product as a great alternative to both small and large applications.  Some of the features of the Distech Eclypse Range really set this product apart in the market, and we would love to come and show you what it can do!

Contact us today for a free demo or consultation.


With an Advanced Technical Certification for Tridium Niagara AX and Niagara 4, Intech are able to offer a powerful integration tool designed specifically to bring together various systems and integrate them onto a common platform.

We have extensive experience using this pioneering technology, and we are keen to demonstrate its potential to any of our clients.

Due to our native Tridium expertise, Intech are able to offer the same services for all variants of the Jace platform, including the Trend TONN, Honeywell Hawk etc.

Using our experience with Tridium Niagara we are able to research and develop custom java applications, components and widgets to suit almost any bespoke application. Contact us with your requirements/specification for a free no obligation design consultation.

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