Putting BEMS in the spotlight – Announcing our FREE* BEMS Energy Health Check

Intech Controls’ have recently launched their FREE* BEMS Energy Health Check service in a bid to raise awareness of how much energy can be saved if your Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS aka BMS) are fully optimised.

Let’s face it, you probably don’t think that control panels, boiler systems and HVAC are the sexiest subjects to discuss at a dinner party! Why not? After all, BEMS are smart, sophisticated and sleek (more about that in our next blog). In an effort to woo you into understanding just how much energy Intech Controls can save your business, we have created a tempting offer for you.

Our offer is … Book a BEMS energy health check for a small REFUNDABLE fee of £450. This makes our energy health check a FREE service for astute organisations, facilities managers and estates managers who choose to work with Intech Controls to provide the energy saving solution(s) recommended in our BEMS Energy Check report.

If you still require convincing, there are more than energy savings to be had; our expert BMS engineers will also be able to spot faulty BMS controls equipment and identify areas where control strategies could be altered or improved. This could save you potential losses both in terms of physical cost through utility bills, and system downtime.

Common problems we have detected for our clients via our  BMS health check service are:

  • M&E Plant running out of hours
  • Poor plant sequencing, such as boiler dry cycling
  • Inefficient control philosophies
  • Excessive setpoints
  • Combined heating and cooling
  • Main plant vs terminal unit battles
  • Sensor calibrations

Click here to find out what happens during an energy audit.

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