I don’t want to alarm you but …

How BMS alarms and email work together to protect your business

As part of Intech Control’s remote triage/monitoring maintenance package, we offer the facility to route alarms from your Building Management Systems (BMS) through our hosted exchange email server to customer email addresses.

By integrating alarms into your emails via a 100% reliable Microsoft Exchange service, you will receive critical notifications instantly, while you are on the move. Intech Control’s email alarms put you in control 24-7, enabling you to make informed decisions before any potential damage or lost business is caused by faulty equipment.

Our critical alarm email delivery system enables you to respond faster and fix potential problems before they become an issue. A fantastic example of when automation and human connectivity work together in tandem.

Your emails can be set up for as many designated people in your business as required so you can fully relax when you go on holiday, knowing your business is in safe hands.Critical alarms routed to your email can protect your business from being ruined by: 

  • Power failure(prevents business closure by un-serviced offices, and equipment downtime)
  • Chiller Faults (enabling pro-active engineer attendance and fault finding)
  • Temperature & Humidity Alarms (Early warning of potential office politics!)
  • Energy Alarms (Notification of excessive energy consumption over a period of time enabling further triage and investigation – leading to savings to your bottom line)

The above failures can cause massive disruption to your bottom line and potential closure of your business.


  • The damage a preventable fire could cause to your business in terms of safety of building occupants, damage to your corporate reputation and buildings and content.
  • Or sick building syndrome where your employees are taking time off sick due to colds and headaches and your teams cannot be productive because the temperature is too uncomfortable.
  • Or shoppers are not staying in your shops because the building is uncomfortably hot and stuffy. With the retail sector in such turmoil, ensuring shoppers are comfortable is critical.

These are just a few of the important business risks that routing alarms to your email can mitigate and should be discussed at boardroom level.

In summary, receiving BMS alarms via email enables Facilities Managers (FM) to pre-emptively respond to critical plant failures, and attend site to fix them before they become a larger issue.

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