Intech Controls Ltd is an innovative and professional BMS provider, specialising in Trend Control Systems, and Tridium Niagara AX.

We provide a wide range of services including system design and installation, turnkey project delivery and management, system validation and commissioning, service visits and surveys.

At the core of our business is integrity, quality and innovation.  We consistently strive to provide the most efficient and intelligent solution, using the latest technology available.

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Contact us today to arrange a no obligation survey or quotation for any of your BMS requirements.  We are able to provide a variety of services, including Service & Maintenance, Project or Design work, or system integration.

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Energy Efficiency

The modern Building Management System is as much about efficient energy usage as it is about control and comfort.  Intech Controls provide custom monitoring and targeting solutions designed to identify key areas for change, and track the efficiency improvements in real time.  Intech can integrate customisable energy and monitoring dashboards into existing or new BMS systems, to enable real time analytics and change tracking.

Effective Control

The most important requirement of any BMS is proper control of mechanical and electrical systems, in order to provide the correct balance between efficient operation, and a comfortable environment suitable for the building occupants.  Intech Controls provides high performance control systems suited to a wide range of applications.  Using up to date technology, impressive custom user interfaces, and optimised control strategy design, Intech Controls strives to match and exceed our client requirements.

System Integration

A good Building Management System can be a great tool, however the dynamic nature of the BMS industry means that we must evolve to provide the best solutions using up to date systems and protocols.  By staying at the forefront of this technology, Intech is able to offer a wide range of integration services, connecting your BMS with IT systems (such as web & database services) as well as more traditional building services (metering & high level plant interfaces etc.).